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Obesity in women begins between ages 30-40 years. This is the period where women have lot of stress in their daily life. They keep busy in raising kids, career accomplishments and family responsibilities. They have very little time to take care of themselves. By the time they reach menopause age they are facing the chronic health issues like arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and many more. The main culprit behind all these chronic conditions is Obesity. Women realize they are obese once they reach menopause stage and when they have come across one of the above chronic health issues.  As mentioned earlier they start putting on weight from ages30-40 years. One reason behind this is stress and lack of self-care. Studies show that stress will lead to release certain hormones that will promote adiposity. “A study on Chronic stress and obesity: A new view of “comfort food”” showed that glucocorticoids released during chronic stress leads to consumption of comfort food there by increases adiposity. This study also showed that glucocorticoids will also aid in increase of abdominal fat depots.This is the reason behind munching on chocolate and ice creams when you are in stress. 
Irregular meal timings, skipping meals are the common practices seen in women. The main reason behind this is they do not have time or they are busy in concentrating on their kids or partner. Many women skip breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. As part of rituals women skip a meal or skip meals completely for a day or two in a week. They do not participate in recommended physical activity. This is because they get tired with all the stress and chores they perform all through the day. But physical activity will help them to relieve all those tensions and relaxes the body and promotes good night sleep. A study on “Response of oxidative stress biomarkers to a 16-week aerobic physical activity program, and to acute physical activity, in healthy young men and women” showed that regular physical activity will help in increases endogenous antioxidant activity and reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.  Antioxidants act as free radical scavengers.  Chronic stress leads to free radical production. There by physical activity helps to combat stress by increasing endogenous antioxidant activity.

Take time for yourself. Here are few tips for self-care.
1. Make a room for 30 min in your daily schedule. This is your time.
2. Relax yourself. These days we are blessed with various massage centers and SPA's. They help us a lot to relax. Choose good spa and trained and certified massagers.
3. Listen to your favorite music. Music is quick reach to relax. Go for slow and calm music.
4. Go for gym twice a week.
5. Practice meditation and yoga.
6. Gardening. This not only relaxes you but also good physical activity option. Try growing scented plants and flowers.
7. Just sit and relax with a cup of herbal tea.
8. A hot shower bath with aromatic oils.
9. When you feel stressed munch on healthy snacks like fruits, yogurt, and nuts. Keep them in your reach.
10. Take care of your meals. Do not skip breakfast. Women are most active person in the house. So women should keep fueling their body to avoid fatigue. Practice self-motivation. "If I do not care for myself now I will not be in a position to take care of my loved one's in future".
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