Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Navaratri:   Festive of  Victory

As a nutritionist I often see clients have lot of information about what to eat and what not to eat. The main question comes how to follow and set rules to include all the healthy food into diet. Here comes the role of a nutritionist to suggest them best diet plan. The job is not done yet!!! But we need to motivate client to start the healthy regimen which is a very difficult task. Making themselves move away from the bad habits like smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine addiction etc; is very challenging as everything  has withdrawal symptoms.
Any festival in INDIA is celebrated as victory against bad.  Navaratri is also one such occasion where people worship goddess Durga as a symbol of victory against bad(Mahishasura).  In the same way take this occasion as a motivation to change. Here are few steps to keep motivating you for a change
1.    List out all your habits which you think changing them will create a healthy life.
2.    Choose one or two of your bad habits, these should be simple,small change as it is 9 day program. Make an oath to change.
3.    Discuss this with your family and exchange your views. So that you don’t feel alone.
4.    Write a journal of your daily progress towards change.
5.    Use social networking sites to support you.
6.    Display Inspiring quotes in visibility, so that they remind you always.
7.    For example if you plan to stop drinking coffee several times a day. Make a oath to reduce number of intakes in a day and finally on ninth day you should be able to stop it for good. Then celebrate your tenth day as a victory against your bad habit. “First step towards change is awareness. The Second step is acceptance.” – Nathaniel Branden.

All the best !!!!

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