Monday, August 1, 2011

Meal plan of INDIANS

Staple food of INDIANS:
Cereals (rich in fiber and carbohydrates): Rice, wheat, Jower, Bajra, Ragi, Maize
Pulses:  Bengal gram, Black gram, Green gram, Lentils, Red gram.
Roots and Tubers: Carrot, Potato , Onion.
Nuts and oils: Ground nut(peanut)
Fruits: Amla, Apple, Banana(ripe), Lime& Orange, Mango(ripe), Papaya(ripe), Tomato(ripe) 
General meal plan of INDIANS:
2 Dosa/4idli/1 ½ cup upma-  with peanut chutney
1 cup of tea/coffee with sugar.
1 cup plain white rice/2 rotis
¼ cup lentil dhal
¼ cup vegetable curry
¼ Rasam/sambar
¼ yogurt
1 cup tea with sugar
2- 3 cookies
2 rotis/ ½ cup rice
¼ cup vegetable curry
¼ cup yogurt
In general meal plan of any region will have basic structure like every meal includes cereals, vegetables/meat, with a drink. Depending on their major crops and staple foods dishes might vary.


  1. Hi Asritha
    The general diet plan that you have posted on the blog is rather incomplete nor does it reglect a balanced diet as it does not mention any thing about intake of a minimum amount of milk and milk products one should consume irrespective of one belonging to any State. No mention regarding amounts and types of fats/oils to be consumed.

  2. Regarding milk, I included it in breakfast and snacks and added milk products in lunch and dinner in the form of yogurt(curd).I hope for adults 2-3 cups of milk or milk products will provide calcium and other nutrients required.
    Regarding Fat and oil, it will vary from person to person depending on their cholesterol and body fat. I mentioned it in general in nuts and oils section about the kind of oils.
    Thank you for your feed back.