Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easy steps for healthy life..

Today when I am browsing through websies that promote good health I found out very useful stuff around those web pages. But I doubt how many of us really look deep into it and realise the need for change in lifestyle. I found many websites stating what to eat and what not to eat, few end up with magic diets, few focus on exercise rigimens. But ultimate sucess of lifestyle change will be only when they motivate people towards it. So I would like to present some easy steps that will help you to move towards practicing a very healthy life style.

  1. .21 day lifestyle change exercise will work well for a person who really want to make a lifestyle change. This is my personal experience.For example if you are trying to increase water intake.Make a note on calender for every glass of water you have.Then see what happens on 21st day. Reasearch suggest that when a person does an activity regularly for 21 days brain register that activity and automatically you will continue it.
  2. Make a note on your room wall saying "NOW".Remember 'Now' is the time to complete your dreams or your resolutions. We never know how tomorrow is going to be. So move forward and do the things you plan. This brings success.It will also motivate you to do your work on time.For example if you want to start workout,jump out of bed and start with slow moves even stretching will help you. Never be a couch potato.
  3. Never get disappointed when you miss your schedule for one day.But make a note and be sure to full fill it the next day.
  4. Do not avoid any food for long time. Because research says that any food avoided for long time will take priority. when you come across, you tend to eat it more.
  5. There is no "one" such magic diet to reduce weight.Eat  Nutrient rich diet and workout daily for at least 30 min. Deficit in 500 cal and 150min of workout per week will help to reduce 2 lbs/week.Minimum 5%  loss in your weight will show good results in cholesterol levels. So keep small goals for weight loss.
  6.  Do not skip meals. Every meal has its own importance in body function. Small meals several times a day will boost your metabolic rate and helps in weight loss.
  7. Make sure you eat at least one healthy food a day.Keep going and increase your list of healthy food in a day.
  8.  Every body needs a treat at least once a month. So go ahead and enjoy food. Give some place for healthy nutritious food during treats. Simple meal makeovers helps you a lot without compromising the taste.
  9.  Avoid stress and be optimistic in life.12 min of meditation can help you relieve from stress. Meditation before sleep aids in goodnight sleep.
  10.  Light music, Spirituality,  Aroma therapy,  A cup of coffee  will help reducing stress.Stress is also one of the major causes for obesity , insomnia, and sleep apnea.

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